Would love to hear your advice…

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October 18, 2020
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October 18, 2020

Would love to hear your advice…

Back in March I created a working breadboard version of my product. Zoom ahead to today and I now have that breadboard on a printed circuit board (rev 3 of the pcb, sigh… the first two revs turned into asian paper weights, but I learned a lot in the process) with a 3d printed enclosure.

I'm a totally rookie at this so here's what I was thinking for next steps, would love to hear your advice.

1.) Get product in front of people. I have five working prototypes so I'm hoping to sprinkle them around town where I live.

2.) Watch people use the product and collect feedback.

3.) If all goes well, manufacture more and see if I can turn this into a business. To date only a hand full of people have seen the product but for each person who has seen it, it gets rave reviews so I hopeful I have a winner on my hands. 😀

This is kinda where I come off the rails. I'm an engineer at my core and the business side gets a bit lost on me. Should I incorporate, then open bank account, then pound the pavement to see if I can sell my product. Any thoughts or suggestions would be great!

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