Work Remotely or Take a break from work to travel

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July 21, 2021

Work Remotely or Take a break from work to travel

Hi everyone,

As the title states I’m stuck deciding between working remotely or simply taking an extended leave from my job and traveling.

I am currently remote until the end of the year and my plan to this point has been to work remotely from South America starting in September, through December. I would come back and work at home for Jan&Feb, then take a sabbatical in March for 3 months to Asia. After that I will be settling with my gf when she begins grad school in June.

My company offers 2 types of extended leave, a 3 month sabbatical (keep benefits), or up to 12 months l leave(can come back sooner, but there are no benefits, basically just have a job when I return).

After some thought I’ve considered taking the 12 month leave and using 8-9 months of it (September-May). This would allow me to be completely free and enjoy the time traveling with my gf. Although, it’s hard for me to think of going that long without any sort of income. I have enough money saved up that I could make it work with wiggle room, but I would burn through basically all of my savings (not including 401k/IRA/Investments). Taking the leave also wouldn’t have massive repercussions on my career as I spoke to someone else who did this already.

I know this sub is for DN just want to get some input from people on the difficulties of working while traveling throughout South America. The opportunity cost for going 5 months without salary + benefits is probably close to $35k after-tax.

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