Who else feels less like traveling since last year?

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April 8, 2021
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April 8, 2021

Who else feels less like traveling since last year?

I've been staying in Mexico for the past 6 months and just staying put here. I've been thinking about where to go and travel soon, after the vaccine and things are open again, and I kind of feel like I'm not as motivated as I was before to travel or even move location.

I feel like I won't enjoy it that much or that I'm less excited about it than I was before, it's like motivation is low and it feels like it won't be worth it, but, I know sometimes the brain plays tricks on you and doing something feels different from what you think it'll feel when you're just trying to predict it. It just feels like the world is “less special” now, everyone's doing the same thing, everyone's online and everything's becoming the same everywhere.

Could it just be my personal pandemic depression? Or, could it be that the pandemic actually made people (not just me) more blasé about traveling?


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