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November 25, 2021
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November 25, 2021

When is it too early to sell?

We’re a seed stage startup that’s hit a certain market niche and we’ve managed to attract some attention from acquirers.

The offer on the table is well into the high 7 figures, and the acquisition will set us all up for financial freedom.

At the same time, our startup is still growing, the hype is still very strong, and we have a lot of momentum moving forward. We have a lot of plans in the coming months that we feel could revolutionize the space. And we love working on this problem – it’s a dream job and we feel like we haven’t realized the vision through.

This might be the best deal we’ll ever get and the best deal we might personally encounter in a lifetime. But the startup that we’ve built, also statistically might be the most successful thing we all build. Should we just give up our dream job for the money?

Happy to hear some of your experiences on acquisitions.

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