What was your transition to the nomad life?

I wrote this article from my own experience of using our local resources to grow. Some people dont know about local resources, hope this helps. I am not a writer just sharing my experience, LOL dont Judge my writing skills too much
April 7, 2021
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April 7, 2021

What was your transition to the nomad life?

I've recently landed a remote job that will allow me to travel, and the nomad life is something that's always appealed to me. I'm curious to hear what other people's experience in this transition was like.

How did you decide the first place to go was?

Did you immediately shove all your stuff in storage and take off? Or did you start with shorter stays in places within your home country, or a short flight away?

When did you decide to become a full time nomad, or why did you decide against it?

I'm currently leaning more towards having a home base but regularly taking month long work-cations where I work from a new destination for a while, but doing that is definitely more expensive since it means maintaining rent even while not there for long periods. Just wanted to hear about other people's experiences since the amount of opportunity here can be fairly overwhelming.

(I'm talking about post-covid when it's safe to travel again of course, whenever that may be)

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