Was offered a PM role to bring a company to IPO. What should I be looking out for?

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Was offered a PM role to bring a company to IPO. What should I be looking out for?

I was recently offered a somewhat lucrative position to be a main PM for a company that is heading towards an IPO. They have all the right technical people, the right financial people, and decent leadership from what I see. I think the product/market fit is good, they have sales and a nice growth over the past couple of years.

I have a few years experience as a PM, grad school education in organizational development, a variety of certs, etc. However, I've never done this kind of thing before, and I don't know what to expect. From an investment perspective, I'm pretty much all ETF, so I know in general terms what an IPO is, but I have no idea how someone gets from “non-IPO status” to “IPO status” cleanly and with minimal headache.

To cover this, they are likely interested in having me on board because I've worked with them in the past and I'm quite good at managing bullcrap. My impression (again, this is early stages), is that they have a team assembled for this purpose, and they are adding me in to keep requirements clear, map the process as depicted by the experts, keep an eye on the budget, maintain documentation and a risk register, do some facilitation, etc.

Can someone explain the steps to an IPO (real life, not these blog posts that are total blue sky), what the big red flags are, what common issues there are, and what I might expect from my team and company as requirements?

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