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June 9, 2021
Canadian Digital Nomads
June 9, 2021

Vivo x60 PRO or Oneplus 9

Why I'm considering X60 Pro :

Snapdragon 870 (7nm) 12 GB Ram 256 GB Storage Curved Display (main reason) Mind Blowing Camera (ofc x60 pro+ is even better)

Why I'm confused with Oneplus 9:

Snapdragon 888 (5nm) much better benchmarks 8 GB Ram (less) Storage 128 GB/256 GB (doesn't matter) Flat Screen (I don't want flat screen) HDR Video better in quite some cases. Better Gaming Performance More future proof

I'm very confused between them as they both are available for the same price, I'm really in love with the curved screens since I had S6 Edge around 6 years ago, the durability in the Samsung one's weren't that great but I've seen drop test of the x60 Pro and it's much durable than flatscreen oneplus 8T

I am a freelance android Developer so It would be nice to have a future proof device to test apps, though the aesthetics of a curved display is incomparable added the aluminium finish of x60 Pro.

I'm a college student so pls suggest which device should i go with for, if i were to keep it for next 1-2 years

I have to decide by 9 June

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