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April 7, 2021
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April 7, 2021

“The blueprint”?


It might be just me, but I’ve noticed that for a lot of entrepreneurs the lifespan, road map, blueprint of how to start a company (in particular- SaaS companies), is very clear.

It’s almost like a template.

I’m not just talking about the process of founding, MVP, seed, rounds, scaling.

I’m also talking about day-to-day “how to do things”, for example, stages of marketing, funnels, sales process.


  • If you look at how sales are made for most SaaS products, it’s a standard of live chat (often Intercom) -> Demo call (mostly the same structure), etc.

  • Tech stacks seem to be very similar across the industry. Everybody seems to knows what a tech stack needs to include and where to look for it).

    • Funnels and evening website layouts are very similar across most startups.
  • Certain trends in sales, UX, CS, CX are widely used (e.g. “customer success team” are now widespread).

It’s as if there are standards that are well known, but more than that: a very clear timeline / process that is repeated by a lot of entrepreneurs.

I hope I’m able to clarify this vague observation.

My questions is……….


Where is this invisible / secret blueprint everybody seems to be using?

I feel like I’ve read all the right books and blogs, but I feel like I’m discovering things bits by bits –

All while seeing entrepreneurs less experienced than me wooosh by doing everything “right”, with 90% less trial-and-error than I need.

What am I missing? Does anybody else share this feeling?

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