Seeking Advice: What to do with a Wyoming LLC

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Seeking Advice: What to do with a Wyoming LLC

Last year I was living and working in Wyoming when I had an idea for a startup. I had committed to a grad program in Maryland and was paranoid about the horror stories of universities taking graduate student work and IP since universities practically “own” grad students. So I registered a LLC in Wyoming to leave a paper trail showing I started this project before starting graduate school just in case the idea ever amounted to anything the university would want to claim for their own.

Since I knew I would be moving, my sibling let me use their Wyoming address as the business address when I registered. But I am not sure how long they plan on staying in Wyoming. I need stability for where the LLC will be registered now that my initial pitches have received good feedback and support.

I don't know what to do. Do I transfer the LLC to Maryland? Or Delaware since I'm on the East Coast? Or can I disclose that I am Wyoming registered but work out of Maryland (how do I update the Wyoming address in this case)? I would definitely appreciate any advice since I'm on the grad school budget and lawyers are expensive 🙂

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