Report – How Long Does It Take to Build an MVP

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September 14, 2021
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September 14, 2021

Report – How Long Does It Take to Build an MVP

Hey guys, 2 months ago I asked you 3 questions on building an MVP to create a research-based report for founders on how long it takes to build an MVP. Here´s the post.

Gathering data from 45 examples from our experience building MVPs at, as well as data from our extended network of entrepreneurs and some Redditors, we learned:

  • That, on average, it takes four months to build an MVP;
  • MVPs most commonly take three months to build.

In the report, we’ve organized the data taking into account both the:

  1. Types of products surveyed and;
  2. Team composition used to build them.

Here are the results. Some feedback on the final output would be highly appreciated.

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