Looking for advice from experienced Nomads :)

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November 24, 2021
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November 24, 2021

Looking for advice from experienced Nomads :)

Hey guys,

I am about to become a digital nomad in the next couple of months. I do know software engineering thus I am very confident to find opportunities to work along the way. However, I am wondering what the downsides of a nomad life are (where there is pro's there are also cons) and what you do against them. I am hoping to get some insights form people that have lived this lifestyle for a while.

To just throw in a couple of questions… i am happy if people share all kinds of experiences/ suggestions for me to get started! 🙂

– What are things that you would have known about being a nomad but didn't know when you started?

– What are currently your biggest challenges while being a nomad, and what do you do “against” them?

Thanks a lot for all the input!!! 🙂

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