Inserting 2 “blank” image frames and a python script into a form?

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October 21, 2021
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October 21, 2021

Inserting 2 “blank” image frames and a python script into a form?

Hello everyone! This is a pretty specific question with some pretty specific things being used so if this does not fit this sub, just point me in the right direction and I'll be happy to go there! I have asked this question on /wordpress, /webdev as well.

TLDR at bottom


Formidable Forms is the formbuilder I am using because it allows python code to be inserted in forms.


I am setting up a comparative picture type survey on my website where users select several categories and based on the categories they select will receive two pictures side by side. I will ask “do you like picture A or picture B better?” Once they make a selection, they will receive a new question with 2 new pictures based on the answer from their previous question and then asked again which they prefer. This process repeats.


This isn't a simple issue of conditional display logic where I create a branching system of questions with predetermined pictures for each scenario based on what answer the user inputs. I have a database of thousands of pictures and want the survey to be dynamic each time, based on categories selected, answers, etc.

I have created a python script that will handle image selection (hopefully lol).

The issue I am having is the setting up and formatting of the survey itself: First, Formidable, by default, does not have a “picture frame” type widget in its form builder. How do I set up for two “blank” image frames in the form so that my code can insert an image into?

Second, each time they answer the said question, will I need a new “blank” form template for my code to load into to get 2 new images? i.e. if I wanted the user to go through 10 rounds of this selection process would I need 10 forms labeled “form 1-10” or would a simple for loop in my code allow me to continually load into that original form until I have gotten the necessary data?

If anyone has similar running a process similar to this, I would be very grateful for any shared insight! Whether it's plugins you used, different scripts, etc. Again, I understand it is super specific but didn't know where else to go. Thanks for the help!

TLDR: Creating a comparative picture survey in Formidable Forms and need to know how to create two “blank” image frames into a form and how to insert python script into said form. Also, will I need to make more than one of these forms if I want users to go through the process more than once?

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