If my startup receives funding, am I REQUIRED to quit my job?

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November 24, 2021
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November 24, 2021

If my startup receives funding, am I REQUIRED to quit my job?

I work at a mid sized tech company, and I am currently making $180,000 a year, full health, but no stock options. I have also been building and running my own startup on the side with 3 other founders for the last year. We are starting to grow, and frankly, I don’t know if I have the guts to leave my current full time job if we get funding without the guarantee the my family is taken care of and my lifestyle is met. I’m perfectly fine running both and busting my ass 80+ hours a week, but I’m also okay with a pay cut. Seeing as I have a wife and family to take care of, I just need to ensure I can take care of my family if I leave the day job.

What is the general consensus on this?

Edit: This has sparked some great debate, and I am very glad to see all of the responses on this. I am very much all in on what it is we are building, and honestly, my only concern was to make sure I could continue to provide for my family and keep the roof over our head. As it seems here, this is something investor consider when investing. I will be replying to people throughout the day, and again, thanks for the responses!

Edit 2: Holy cow! This has gotten way more attention than I could’ve imagined. There is no way I could respond to everyone, so thank you to all of those who replied and inspired some debate. I’ll try to read through as much as I can!

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