How to improve VOIP quality in International Calls

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How to improve VOIP quality in International Calls

I have two VOIP soft phones. The first is Jabber, with my Cisco office phone from my desk in NYC’s settings plugged into it. The quality is on and off good and bad. Sometimes is skips, other times it speeds up and slows down, other times there’s static, other times its perfect like I’m sitting next to the person across the world.

The second is I have a Skype number that people can call me on and I also use skype credit to make calls sometimes. The quality is generally the same as the above Jabber quality. It ranges from wonderful to awful and everything in between.

What can I do to improve the quality of the phone call? I dont have the option of plugging into the internet with a hardwire, I only can use WiFi, which I use a Skyroam Solis, or the Hotel WiFi if it is a quality network speed.

Typically I am calling from either Thailand, South Korea, or Japan to Boston or New York or Washington, DC.

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