Firstlook, a Co-Invest Program from Tribe Capital

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January 14, 2021
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January 14, 2021

Firstlook, a Co-Invest Program from Tribe Capital

Ever thought of a program that helps a founder connect a founder with strategic capital. Firstlook is a co-invest program. It is a program that unites founders with the strategic capital and helps by providing a select group of global institutions, RIAs, and individuals with high-net-worth. This gives the founders access to trusted co-invest opportunities that are underwritten and administered by the Tribe.

Firstlook, a Co-Invest Program from Tribe Capital

Tribe Capital – Venture Capital Firm 

Before we dive deep into the tribe capital Firstlook program, let us study about Tribe Capital, the firm determined to bring a change in this world. 

About Tribe Capital

Tribe Capital is a venture capital firm with the aim to use product and data science in order to engineer N-of-1 companies and investments. The firm is centered around perceiving and intensifying the beginning phase of the product-market fit.

Firstlook Co-Invest Program

Tribe Capital, a $360 million endeavor, announced a program called Firstlook. The tribe capital Firstlook program will permit people who qualify with total assets of more than $1 million with annual pay of $200,000 to co-invest in startups under the deals managed by Tribe. 

The Tribe has been secretly trying the program for two years. It tested the program mostly with limited partners, who act as the expert financial specialists known for backing the endeavor reserves. The tribe has acquired another venture firm,, whose three partners will oversee Firstlook.

Since 2018, the LPs of the program have conveyed over $256 million through Firstlook co-contribute Special Purpose Vehicles across different stages. Today, the program has more than 300 firms and people that closely engage in the program and contribute to its activities with as many as 140 partners interfacing with their underwriting at any given month.

The program is somewhat similar to AngelList, which is an online marketplace that matches startups seeking investments. But this program by Tribe has fused the angel list crowdfunding capabilities with its traditional venture firm quality. 

The best endeavor bargains actually go to the most associated entrepreneur, with specific business visionaries searching out crowdfunding openings just when they can’t pull in the capital in any other way. 

The LPs will have the opportunity to invest through Firstlook straightforwardly into each organization, the company’s guarantee from the asset, and contiguous opportunities. The tribe capital is additionally welcoming all founders who wish to take part in the program.

The tribe capital Firstlook program approach up is open to a wide range of opportunities: 

  • For Founders – Founders obtain adaptable capital and backing from seed through IPO, with streamlined entrance to Tribe’s worldwide organization of vital co-speculators in addition to full continuous help from the Tribe such as capital, research, ability, brand, BD, M&A, and special situations.
  • For Co-Investors – Firstlook Co-investor gets the opportunity to pick up arrangement by-bargain presentation, through Tribe vehicles, to believed adventure sponsored organizations that are entirely endorsed and upheld by Tribe. The Tribe additionally encourages key presentations and partnerships.

The tribe capital believes that product-market fit is foundational for excellent outcomes. The primary advantage of the program comes from the ability to rapidly and accurately synthesize a bottom-up view of any company’s product-market fit across various stages and sectors. The Tribe capital is aiming to create the next generation of venture capital firms by introducing innovative ways.

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