Does anyone identify as a “Digital Homesteader”???

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August 2, 2020
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August 2, 2020

Does anyone identify as a “Digital Homesteader”???

I live in a very rural part of the western US and make my living freelance in the tech economy.

there’s seemingly an endless supply of “digitalization” that ALL commerce will eventually undertake – location independent.

I even think you see the roots of this movement in Art which always proceeds the culture – Kanye in Wyoming etc.

This will only be accelerated by the pandemic and people fleeing places like SF, NY, LA etc… for more rural and ‘natural’ places.

Also imagine successful projects like Elon’s Starlink idea – imagine if all of Rural northern Canada had highspeed internet service.

Overpopulation + pandemic + cheap + global warming how could this setup not start to look like an attractive option to the masses???

Anyways just some thoughts of mine.

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