Design not Development focused bootcamps/cert programs?

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July 21, 2021
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July 21, 2021

Design not Development focused bootcamps/cert programs?

I am looking for web design bootcamps, most I see are actually full-stack web development with a focus on coding.

Are their comprehensive programs that focus more on front-end coding and maybe includes things like layout, wireframing, visual elements, UI/UX principles, etc???

Perhaps an emphasis on hands-on portfolios projects with peer/mentor feedback rather than theory or basic coding overviews.

My background:

  • Strong eye for design, colors, visual impact, etc

  • BFA in Art and Visual Technology – Photography Specialization

  • Work as a photographer, make good money and enjoy it but sick of being tied down to big cities and want to go fully remote. I wanted to go design/UI a long time ago but needed to get carpal tunnel surgery and photography work was easier on my body.

  • Have considered being a UX/UI designer but ultimately building websites hands on is what interests me. I like turning technical background stuff into something that is beautiful and useful for the user.

  • I have flirted with making passive income websites for fun and using that for portfolio projects and increasing skills is a plus.

-NEED STRUCTURE, INTERACTION WITH PEOPLE, AND IMMERSION. Yes, I know i could learn on my own and have done it before (Udemy, Lynda, Skillshare, etc) but I want to consider if there is a paid program that suits my exact needs.

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