In CTO role of small tech company, prospective client RFPs create a lot of overhead and rarely go anywhere. Why do we do this?
February 14, 2020
Is anyone else totally fed up with the state of current technology? Are you sick of things like disappearing delete keys, expensive electronic devices so slippery you can't hold on to them (that's called implementing planned obsolescence), and the rest of the garbage we pay such big money for?
February 14, 2020

Dark Screen Fix?

Hello, Recently i sent my Mobile to a tech center to see exactly what happened to it (it wasnt “Turning on”, nothing displayed on screen but it charged), after one week they said that nothing can be done. After some testing i found out that the screen is kinda working, but its really dark, to be able to use it i had to use a lantern.

Does someone know what could be the problem?

TL;DR Screen has no bright but still working

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