Coming home into self-isolation after being abroad for 6 months

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Coming home into self-isolation after being abroad for 6 months

Is there a forum somewhere that other expats talk about this?

I just came back from being abroad for the first time alone. I find that I’m with grief due to the sudden change, missing my old life, and also I’m now in my first relation that has became long distance.

I miss my SO, but I also think I compound that and missing the country itself. I’m proud of myself for finally going, but since I came back I’ve been going through periods of crying, random bits of anger and sadness for leaving, confused emotions, happiness, gratitude, and more crying. I’m trying to validate my emotions but it’s just a lot of crying I need to talk it out I think.

I’ve been trying to call more people especially those I haven’t connected with since being away, because I miss them, but also oddly enough time the person that once went abroad alone-finds it challenging sit with her emotions alone.

Now I’m back in the US alone self isolating.

I’m 20. Any comfort or advice would be appreciated.

Edit: Not sure how relevant where I was is, but I spent time in France-particularly Paris. Lol when I saw cheese on the plane home I got so excited and I went to the supermarket at home for the first time today. Everything is familiar yet so out of place it’s funny and discomforting at the same time.

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