February 2, 2020

What are some good cheap service plan providers? My husband and I are currently using US mobile and paying $50 American a month. Just curious if there's anything better out there.

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February 3, 2020

Can my phone survive this?

Today I managed to fell into the sea with my Huawei Nova 5t in trousers pocket. I was there for like 5 seconds and when I […]
February 4, 2020

Screen burn and retention

I am suddenly facing screen burning and retention problem. How can i fix this problem. Pls help. I don't want to buy a new phone currently. […]
February 5, 2020

How do I root my phone?

I have a Samsung galaxy J3 pro with Tracfone and several times I have tried to root my phone so that I could remove bloatware but […]