February 26, 2020

iphone 6 vs A40

I have an iphone 6 and got a A40 as a present. Is it worth switching? Camera is important. Thanks submitted by /u/RockyCasino [link] [comments] Source
February 26, 2020

which phone should i get poco x2 or galaxy m31?

he guys i am confused between poco x2 and samsung galaxy m31. both have pros and cons poco has 120hz refresh rate and sd730g but i […]
February 27, 2020

[Question] “Convergence” All-in-one OS for Phone/Desktop/Laptop/Tablet; Is there such a thing?

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February 28, 2020

Samsung b2100 still locked to network

I have this nearly indestructible phone that was in a shelf for at least 10 years, but it is locked to portuguese vodafone. I have no […]