August 24, 2020

[D] Liquid State Machine Code

Hello, Does anyone have any code for LSM? Or any clear and simple papers that outline the algorithm? ​ Thanks! submitted by /u/celticnacho [link] [comments] Source
August 25, 2020

[P] a free GPT-3 powered site for simplifying complicated subjects Currently one must give an email address to create an account to use this site. Tip #1: You can get different simplifications from the same […]
August 25, 2020

[D] Compute costs in industry/academia

I've trained models on Colab but am wondering how much compute costs affect workflow and decision-making in industry and academia. Is cost a primary consideration when […]
August 25, 2020

[D] What is the best way for sentiment analysis in 2020?

Looking to train a sentiment classifier, however I'm unsure which route I should take. My first thought was to use GPT-2 and finetune it on my […]