August 8, 2020

[Project] What technique should I employ to detect text and mathematical formulas/symbols from an image of a question paper in an ordered format( i.e. the order in which they were there in the image) ?

​ Question Paper I have tried Google Cloud Vision, even though it predicts the text really well, it is failing at the math symbols and formula […]
August 8, 2020

[N] MLPerf Training v0.7 Results Released: Google & NVIDIA Lead the Race

The industry-standard MLPerf benchmark today released the results of the third round of its ongoing ML Training Systems competition. The competition measures the time it takes […]
August 8, 2020

[D] Best GAN Tricks

It's been a while since I've worked with GANs, but even a cursory look at some recent papers suggests there's a plethora of tips and tricks […]
August 9, 2020

[D] Quality Contributions Roundup 7/22

To encourage quality contributions, the mods will periodically collate a set of quality technical discussions on /r/MachineLearning. Of course, we haven't read every comment on /r/MachineLearning, […]