July 25, 2020

[Discussion] Do you have to loop through the data set twice when using the bag of words approach?

The first loop would be to gather all the unique words in the data set to generate a skeleton feature representation, and then loop again to […]
July 26, 2020

[D] Why is IBM's Watson Platform Dreaded?

Hello community, I was going through the Stack Overflow 2019 Survey, and saw that IBM's Watson Platform is the second most dreaded Platform to work with. […]
July 26, 2020

[D] – How can I build a risk simulation?

Xposting from r/datascience since I only got a single response I work in fin-tech and would like to build some sort of simulation program to assess […]
July 26, 2020

[R][D] discussion with the author of Temporal Graph Networks (TGN)

​ https://preview.redd.it/zdd0iwpvl1c51.png?width=904&format=png&auto=webp&s=acfd6134cab0fa236ffa16a58d4b062d08770486 On July 21 at 12:00 EST, I will be hosting Emanuele Rossi chatting about Temporal Graph Networks for Deep Learning on Dynamic Graphs. Join […]