January 26, 2020

Resources for research coding best practices?

Does anyone have any recommended resources on how to structure research project code? Most coding resources I find are either oriented towards software engineering or data […]
January 27, 2020

[N] Two postdoc positions at VGG, University of Oxford

The Visual Geometry Group (VGG) at the Univeristy of Oxford is looking for two full-time Postdoctoral Research Assistants. The successful candidates will have an opportunity to […]
January 27, 2020

[D] Why so little work on fairness in regression?

There seems to be an abundance of research on fairness in ML for classification tasks but comparatively little on application to regression problems. As someone coming […]
January 27, 2020

[D] State of r/MachineLearning

Okay, this might be a personal opinion, but since when has this r/MachineLearning become so flooded with unimportant projects, requests, r/learnmachinelearning discussions, and career advice? When […]