June 15, 2020

[R] Toward Practical Real-World RL: New Criterion & Algorithm Enhance Deployment Efficiency

Researchers from the University of Tokyo and Google Research have proposed a new metric for reinforcement learning (RL) performance and novel Behaviour-Regularized Model-ENsemble (BREMEN) algorithm designed […]
June 15, 2020

[R] How do you know which correlation or path AI used to make the decision?

I am a PhD student in neurology and my project uses machine learning to diagnose stroke, my background is health, but I was offered this project […]
June 15, 2020

[N] Shipping your own machine learning model in Snapchat

Snap announced a new update to Lens Studio, a desktop app for creating AR experience for Snapchat. https://lensstudio.snapchat.com/news/introducing-lens-studio-3-0/ New update allows everyone to ship their own […]
June 16, 2020

[D] Paper Discussion with Author – Meta-Graph: Few-Shot Link Prediction Using Meta-Learning

https://youtu.be/3ELboSNn2JA?t=55 We have recently hosted a session with Avishek (Joey) Bose speaking about Meta-Graph: Few-Shot Link Prediction Using Meta-Learning. See the recording, slides, and other info […]