January 10, 2020

[N] Kaggle Petfinder.my Contest: First Place Winner Disqualified

https://www.kaggle.com/c/petfinder-adoption-prediction/discussion/125436 tl;dr the winner cheated by scraping data outside of the provided datasets and obfuscating that fact. This is interesting; I don't remember a first-place winner […]
January 11, 2020

[R] Individual differences among deep neural network models

Hi everyone, we just posted a preprint in which we report and closely analyse differences in DNN representations that result from a minimal intervention: changing the […]
January 11, 2020

[Discussion] [Research] Variational Bayesian Inference vs Monte-Carlo Dropout for Uncertainty Quantification in DL

I'm reaching out to the ML community to see if any of you have some experience implementing / have some exposure to uncertainty quantification methods for […]
January 12, 2020

[R][D] XGBoost XGBRegressor Custom Objective Function Problem

I've submitted this on stackoverflow but I just wanted to hear you're guys' thoughts as well because I'm not quite sure where I'm going wrong here, […]