March 31, 2021

Vietnam-Morocco Diplomacy, CrateDB, Flickr Commons, More: Sunday ResearchBuzz, March 28, 2021

NEW RESOURCES Vietnam+: Photo exhibition marks 60 years of Vietnam – Morocco diplomatic ties. “In celebration of the 60th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Vietnam and […]
April 1, 2021

Question about keywords in domain name

Let's say hypothetically I sell cars. I want a domain with “cars” in it. Let's say I am torn between the domain and I […]
April 1, 2021

Saturday CoronaBuzz, March 27, 2021: 32 pointers to updates, useful stuff, research news, and more.

Please wear a mask (or even two). Wash your hands. Stay at home if you can. Please be careful. I love you. NEW RESOURCES – EDUCATION/ENTERTAINMENT […]
April 1, 2021

Queer Heritage South, Spotify, Cloud Storage, More: Saturday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, March 27, 2021

NEW RESOURCES Fyne Times: Queer Heritage South Launches Digital Museum. “As museums across the country await reopening, Queer Heritage South are thrilled to launch an extensive […]