January 30, 2021

ProRodeo Sports News, Boston Baroque, Spotify Audiobooks, More: Friday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, January 29, 2021

NEW RESOURCES Spotted on Reddit and one of the more random things I’ve found lately: an emerging archive of ProRodeo Sports News, which is apparently a […]
January 31, 2021

SEO newbie where to start?

I’m looking to start learning some SEO, obviously for traffic for my website, but it has always interested me. I’m an IT professional to give some […]
January 31, 2021

Retro Mobile Gaming Database, Art & Soul of Mosul, Professor’s Press Pass, More: Friday ResearchBuzz, January 29, 2021

NEW RESOURCES North Carolina State University: Tracing the History of Mobile Games . “NC State’s Mobile Gaming Research Lab is launching the Retro Mobile Gaming Database […]
January 31, 2021

Punk Planet, Vintage Australia Films, Facebook Oversight Board, More: Thursday Evening ResearchBuzz, January 28, 2021

NEW RESOURCES Pitchfork: Every Issue of Punk Planet Is Available on the Internet Archive. “You can now read all 80 issues of Punk Planet for free […]