March 4, 2020

Do any of you do audio work?

I’m wondering if anyone does voiceover/ voice acting, audiobook reading, editing, mixing, foley etc. work remotely. I have the equipment and the skill set, but no […]
March 5, 2020

Where did you start?

I’m very curious as to what people did before they decided to adopt this lifestyle. I’m going into university next year, but I’m positive that afterward […]
March 5, 2020

Looking for beginners advice. I'm a teacher who can't go home due to Corona Virus travel bans, so I'm hoping to find remote work.

Hi all, I am a kindergarten teacher in China (I'm from the UK), and I've recently been teaching myself to code. I hope to change careers […]
March 6, 2020

Myanmar (Burma) For Digital Nomads Trip Report

Before I came to Myanmar I was desperately Googling to find information about WiFi strength and availability and there was very little. And it turns out […]