February 18, 2022

Business Analysts DN's in Europe? (Seeking input and tips from likeminded).

Hi All, I'm a qualified BA (trying to get away from finance into I.T.). Really wanna get out of the UK and to sunnier climates, wondered […]
February 19, 2022

Wifi & tax questions

Hi everyone. I’m planning to take off around Western Europe for a few months. I plan on moving between different cities about every two weeks. Specifically […]
February 20, 2022

Countries with tax residency under 183 days?

I know of two countries that do this, cyprus has a 60 day tax residency, and georgia allows you to be a tax resident without living […]
February 20, 2022

Can you actually reserve an apartment online without being scammed?

Airbnb is way way overpriced compared to the stuff on Facebook marketplace for Playa Del Carmen. It's ridiculous. But I'm wondering if its possible to reserve […]