February 2, 2020

Tim Ferriss: #309: Astro Teller, CEO of X – How to Think 10x Bigger

This is a very short, roughly 10-minute, episode. It explains how to 10x your thinking and your goals, or — put another way — how to […]
February 2, 2020

Tim Ferriss: #308: Inside Out with Katie Couric

Katie Couric (IG: @katiecouric) is an award-winning journalist, New York Times bestselling author, and co-founder of the non-profit Stand Up to Cancer, which has raised more […]
February 2, 2020

Is upwork's “Freelancing in America 2019” BS?

Upwork released their 2019 market analysis of the freelance space in the US: I've done some marketing/content work in past jobs and am thinking about […]
February 3, 2020

Bali advice (rent and mobile data)

Hi, I am planning to stay in either Caggnu or Ubud. What's the best data plan? I'm going to do at least 3 hours of skyping […]