July 19, 2021

Seeking advice: Nomad List banned me for life without saying why, and haven't given me a refund or reply.

They (the 1 guy who set it up and prides himself in being completely unreachable) don't reply to any of my messages (I have tried EVERY […]
July 20, 2021

Jo’Burg, Marrakesh, Lagos: Which African cities have the highest internet speeds?

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July 20, 2021

Help with spoofing work laptop location

Basically I’m working from home on a company laptop, and I want to move a couple hours away in with my girlfriend. Company says I can’t […]
July 21, 2021

Best Company Structure For YouTube Network? (10-30k€/m)

I'm an 18y/o entrepreneur currently living in Belgium and I run multiple Youtube channels in the Tech and science niche. Monthly I'm making 10K-30K€ in profits. […]