May 8, 2021

Taxes while working in Portugal as a UK resident

Potentially moving to Portugal from the UK for a couple of months/years and then onto other travels when covid quietens down. I've read a lot and […]
May 9, 2021

Any programmers and/or sailors here interested in sharing their experience?

I'm currently in an ordinary backend web dev job, I've been slowly putting together a plan (for various reasons) to move onto a liveaboard sailing yacht […]
May 9, 2021

Looking for flexible working space in Switzerland

Hey guys. I will be working from Switzerland for a few weeks and also have planned to travel a bit. As I am staying at a […]
May 10, 2021

Recommendation for power adapter Thermaltake Tough 1500 from the US to Europe

I got the Thermaltake tough 1500W from the U.S. and would like to plug it in Europe Will the below adapter suffice with MAX 10A? […]