August 23, 2020

Cold and affordable?

I've been a digital nomad for years, but always in the tropics. Once this corona nightmare is over, I would love to experience life in a […]
August 24, 2020

Spots for a ski bum in the US

Looking to lay low and ski a ton this winter. My ideal spot would be a not insanely busy ski spot with good runs. I was […]
August 24, 2020

Ideas for Remote Work

Canadian here, starting to look at the possibility of working remotely from a warm location this winter. Obviously this will depend heavily on what happens with […]
August 24, 2020

Hey, entrepreneurs: Don’t push your kids the way you push yourself

Dr. Lee Hausner is an internationally recognized clinical psychologist based in Los Angeles, California, USA. She specializes in helping successful families raise resilient, hard-working children. In […]