September 24, 2021

Best places in Europe for autumn colors without a car?

My husband and I are Americas and we didn't get an international driving permit before coming to Europe (we'll get it when we go back to […]
September 25, 2021

Anyone hanging out in Croatia? Sept-Oct

Going to be in Zadar for a month, starting next week. Trying to get that tan I missed out on in Germany! submitted by /u/brAVv0 [link] […]
September 25, 2021

Anyone in Palermo, Italy interested in meeting up?

Just got into town! Doesn't seem like there's a big nomad community here but if any of y'all are here and want to hang hmu! Will […]
September 26, 2021

Digital Nomads Weekly Discussion Thread

Hey r/digitalnomad This thread is for chatting about being a DN. This includes the news about travel and visas, where people are living, commonly asked questions, […]