September 13, 2021

Travel Router

Hey guys, what’s the best travel router with a SIM card capability and to run open VPN on? I was going to go for the mango […]
September 14, 2021

Anyone else feel stuck because it’s not as easy to “preview” countries now?

My story in a nutshell: I was a DN from 2017 till late last year. I started out with no plan and a one-way ticket to […]
September 14, 2021

Medellin or Costa Rica this October? For a single female

Pros and cons plz? Any specific areas to stay? submitted by /u/PrettyCandidate [link] [comments] Source
September 15, 2021

What info do I need to give to the USA Verizon store to get them to (when iphone 13 mini comes out) set their number to be eSim so I can later insert a physical sim card into the phone? Planning to get one for Greece

and what kind of sim card should I get for Greece? Going to mainly be in Athens, Greece. Might need to use it for calls, google […]