July 1, 2021

Anyone expedite a US passport renewal lately? What are the actual turnaround times?

In the midst of covid I didn't realize mine expires end of this year. I'm in the EU in an EU passport now and wondering if […]
July 2, 2021

Do you prioritize people or the things they have built?

By that I mean the physical world, the things that the people in a country have built. Obviously if you live long term somewhere you will […]
July 2, 2021

Is 50K USD enough to live off of while in Thailand for 18 months?

I am moving there in 5 weeks. I want going to start a Youtube channel on travel and food. Do you think $50K is enough to […]
July 3, 2021

Is it possible to work remotely in countries with bad to no internet?

Sorry if this is a stupid question, I'm super new to this. Thinking of trying out the digital nomad lifestyle next year and thinking of where […]