June 29, 2021

UK to Lisbon, Belgrade or Tbilisi, or elsewhere – right now? Need ideas, as a budding entrepeneur

Hi everyone Just wanted to make a post to narrow ideas about where to travel right now. I'm working on a startup and I need to […]
June 30, 2021

Good nomad insurance including dental?

I need to pick a health insurance for my upcoming travels and I am pretty good health but I have bad teeth (not too mention a […]
June 30, 2021

What is the best country for a programmer to build wealth?

Hi guys! I'm a Portuguese Junior Dev, working in Blockchain. My goal is Financial Freedom. The cost of living in Portugal is pretty good. But the […]
July 1, 2021

Home Base for Remote Work in Southeast Asia?

I am a United States software engineer who will be working remotely in Southeast Asia. What country would serve as a good home base? What country […]