April 3, 2021

Can I work remotely for the duration of the 90 day holiday period from UK to EU?

I've seen a lot of remote working posts and visas but I was wondering: Is it possible to work for a UK company remotely and travel […]
April 4, 2021

How Much Experience Did You Have Before You Started Freelancing?

Hey All, I am currently a Software Engineer/Data Scientist. I am considering leaving my job to go fully remote in a cheaper country such as Indonesia […]
April 5, 2021

Anyone already or planning to go nomad in their 50s plus?

My work is location independent but my life isn’t, but I have the dream of hitting the road when I’m free in about 10 to 15 […]
April 5, 2021

Another question about Trusted Housesitters

I've been reading up at THS and considering paying for the annual fee to see how it works out. I was wondering if those who have […]