May 7, 2020

What do you think about 'business model arbitrage' (i.e. taking existing business models from somewhere like Silicon Valley and implementing them in other markets like emerging markets before the original company expands there)?

One example I can think of is Grab in Southeast Asia taking Uber's business model, implementing it in Southeast Asia before Uber established itself there, and […]
May 8, 2020

Serious Red Flags With Co-founders. How To Proceed?

I'm not going to go into too many details and I'm likely to delete this message after I've gotten my consensus from the community. I'm gonna […]
May 9, 2020


Hey Reddit, for about a year now I have been working on a social media website that is directly targeting the gaming market. It is a […]
May 9, 2020

Getting a bond with customers is all there is?

The general goal of any business is customer satisfaction. You want the business to tailor and serve the customer. The customer is literally bonding to the […]