April 13, 2020

How to cold email B2B leads to setup user interviews? Not looking to sell, just looking to learn about their problems.

Hi all! My startup helps Twitch streamers build their audience and maximize their earnings. We're looking to add a new product that will help streamers connect […]
April 14, 2020

Start a non profit organization

I would like to start a non profit, trying to help people to understand working in technology Industries and being independent. The problem I dont know […]
April 15, 2020

Official COVID-19 Resource List – Country > Region Specific

Please share in a comment any links to resources you have come across to support Employers or Workers. ​ Please use this format to assist us […]
April 15, 2020

The possibility of succeeding outside UK or USA is 0?

This is personal experience and opinion, it might not be correct. I was working on several startups of my own. Some of them were really startups, […]