March 26, 2021

Non-technical founders, how did you pull off your startup?

I am looking for inspiration as a non-technical guy with an idea. I already scoped the idea, talked and validated it with the target audience and […]
March 27, 2021

Construction Startups: why aren't there enough of them?

Hello! So I read a post by u/FalseTank27 and It inspired me to write this Before I begin to talk about my thoughts and ideas I […]
March 28, 2021

Founders of Indian origin on a visa in USA

Hi all, I am an aspiring entrepreneur working on my launch. However, I underestimated the challenges I would have to face being on a work visa […]
March 29, 2021

How much coding does the founder do in a tech start up?

I'm curious to know, along with the business side of things (recruiting people, seeking investments, marketing the product, management etc), how much coding does the main […]