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July 22, 2021
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July 22, 2021


Just thought I'd share my experience regarding I wasn't able to find any reviews about so I thought I'd use myself as a guinea pig before signing clients up under their white label plan. I had an inital chat with the owner Harry who informed me that I would rank for “web design london” within 6 months on their middle tier “Plus” plan. It sounded like pure bullshit but, like I say, I used myself as a guinea pig in lieu of any reviews of their service. I was happy to give Ranked the benefit of the doubt to find out if it was a genuine service.

To cut a long story short it has been a waste of time. I've used the service for 4 months on their “Plus” plan which is $198 a month. In 4 months I haven't received a single backlink. I repeat…. in 4 months not a single backlink. I receieved 2 articles a week every Monday, but nothing else. I wasn't expecting a lot for $198 a month, but I did expect to at least get a couple of backlinks a month, even just one backlink a month… but I've got ZERO backlinks after 4 whole months. Essentially I paid $800 for 24 articles and no links.

Over the past few weeks I've repeatedly asked for information regarding what outreach work has been done and how many backlinks I should expect. Each time I've been promised a report in a couple of days. I've never received any reports informing me what outreach work is being done. I was told a couple of times that they were waiting for guest posts on blogs to be approved, but this was weeks ago now. During my last conversation with the owner Harry, I explained that I had mutiple clients that I wanted to sign up to his white label service, but I couldn't charge a client and give them no information about the outreach work they were paying for. Harry said he understood this and what have a report with me in a couple of days showing what outreach work had been done. I received a report that just showed what traffic had visted my site. No information about backlinks or outreach work.

Today I've cancelled my subscription. In short, stay away. It is the exact waste of time that your gut is telling you.

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