China opens another front, steps up cyberattacks that target India: Intel – A variety of targets were zeroed in on, including government websites and the banking system including ATMs.
July 1, 2020
Samsung reveals US pricing for its very curved gaming monitors: $700, $800, $1,700
July 1, 2020

Apple Vs. Android

My boyfriend and I are fiercely divided on apple vs. android (specifically Samsung). He claims Apple lost its relevancy and ingenuity when Jobs passed away (obviously he was the genius/brainchild) and now Apple is copying Samsung’s ideas/designs and android/pc is now the standard and respected in the gaming community etc. I read Apple sued Samsung for stealing design patents. I’m sure there’s a lot to this.

I don’t know enough on this topic to debate him lol but I feel both of us are biased.

What do people in the tech community think?

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