A Different Zoom in the Mac App Store

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June 3, 2020
Mobile App Launch – iOS or Android first?
June 3, 2020

A Different Zoom in the Mac App Store

Jeff Johnson:

Remember when people bought the wrong Zoom stock because ZOOM is Zoom Technologies, whereas ZM is Zoom Video Communications? Well they’re at it again, this time on the Mac App Store instead of the stock market. “Zoom is an [sic] screen magnifier” […]


The fact that mistakenly purchased abandonware is among the top paid apps is an indictment of the Mac App Store. Why isn’t the “real” Zoom on the Mac App Store? I don’t have any insider information, but as a Mac developer I can make an educated guess: Mac App Store policies. Specifically, Mac App Store policies that restrict API usage, especially the sandboxing requirement.


Update (2020-04-10): Jeff Johnson:

The misidentified, mistakenly purchased Zoom app is now #1 top paid.

Update (2020-04-15): Jeff Johnson:

The mistakenly purchased “Zoom” Mac app, which hasn’t been updated in 4 years, did nonetheless raise its price in the past week.


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